AnAge entry for Amphibia

Classification (HAGRID: 00031)

Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Chordata
Amphibia (Browse taxon)
Common name
Apsidospondyli, Salientia, Lepospondyli, Lissamphibia
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Find members of Amphibia

Lifespan, ageing, and relevant traits


Ageing in amphibians has only been studied in a few species. Many longevity records come from wild animals and even longevity in captivity may be underestimated. Nonetheless, amphibians appear to be longer lived than mammals of the same size. Development and longevity in amphibians appears to be much more plastic and dependent on environmental conditions than in mammals. Species from northern or mountain regions tend to live longer and, often, mature later [0525]. Hibernation in northern climates could also be a factor. Gradual senescence similar to that seen in mammals has been documented but some amphibian species may feature negligible senescence including neurogenesis and oogenesis in adulthood. Teeth in amphibians are polyphyodont [0526].


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