Classifying DNA Repair Genes into Ageing-Related or Non-Ageing-Related

DNA damage is a key contributor to the ageing process and elucidating the contributions of different DNA repair systems to ageing is of great interest. In this paper we propose a data mining approach for analysing data about human DNA repair genes. Our goal is to build classification models that allow us to discriminate between ageing-related and non-ageing-related DNA repair genes, in order to better understand their different properties. To do this analysis we created a number of datasets and developed methods that may be useful for other analyses.

In this page you will find the results and datasets derived from our analysis, including the supplementary material, previously described in:

Freitas, A., Vasieva, O., de Magalhaes, J. P. (2011) A data mining approach for classifying DNA repair genes into ageing-related or non-ageing-related. BMC Genomics 12:27.

Supplementary material:

ageing_vs_nonageing_DNA_repair_genes.txt, raw dataset of DNA repair genes, classified as ageing- or non-ageing-associated, employed in this work., zipped file with the raw datasets used in this work. Please consult the ReadMe file for a description of the datasets.